Digital Mirror Pro™
Digital Mirror Pro™
Digital Mirror Pro™
Digital Mirror Pro™
Digital Mirror Pro™

Digital Mirror Pro™

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#1 Voted Car Dash Cam

With the Digital Mirror Pro™ Dual Dash Camera, you can easily record important driving footage from the front and rear of your car. Displayed directly on the wide 10" screen, this LIVE footage a displays 170° view of the road, removing any blind spots at the front and rear and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

With 24 hour parking surveillance mode and unlimited recording, you can be assured that nothing goes unrecorded - whether it's an accident, hit and run, act of vandalism, theft, etc.


  • Mirror Finish: The gorgeous 10" screen also doubles as a rearview mirror. So can enjoy both without any compromise.

  • Audio Recording: Record all your videos with crystal clear audio without any noise.

  • Motion Sensor: It automatically detects an object and starts recording

  • Wide Angle: The 170° wide angle camera records everything from the front and back so no details are left behind.

  • Fog-resistant camera: Coated-lens is resistant to moisture and fog, ensuring clear and blur-free recording.

    Gorgeous Mirror Finish

    The stylish mirror finish will perfectly complement your car's interior. The smooth mirror finish is perfectly reflective, making it a great replacement for your existing mirror. So when you need to use it as a normal mirror, simply turn off the screen - that's it!

  • Full HD crystal clear display
  • 2-in-1 Mirror and Dash Camera
  • 2.5D Curved Glass - extremely durable

10 inch Touchscreen

No more having to press clunky buttons - Digital Mirror Pro™ is an upgrade in every sense. The 10" wide screen is feather touch sensitive - with zero lag and incredibly responsiveness.

Gorgeous 10 inch screen Switch between front, rear and dual views with a simple swipe.

Digital Mirror Pro™ also features a 6 lens camera system that capture better light and offer improved HD video quality to spot every detail on the road in any light condition.


Crash Test, Collision, 60 Km H

"Nearly one out of three accidents may not be an “accident” at all, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau"

The Digital Mirror Pro™  Dual Dash Cam records footage from the front and rear of your car providing  "unbiased evidence" that will save you from fake accident fraudsters, hit and runs, thieves, and vandals, and help speed up insurance claims settlements.

With a wide 170° camera, it also removes blind spots on the road at the front and rear, thus reducing the chance of an accident by over 60%.